Schedule Spring and Fall third-party social media app access clean-ups

LinkedIn Third-Party Apps

Some of the LinkedIn Third-Party Apps that have access to my LinkedIn profile info. This list on someone who doesn’t maintain a vigilant watch or at least semi-frequent cleaning could easily have more than 100 apps accessing their personal information.

Along with backing up my hard drive of photos/music/memories, one of the Spring and Fall (Thanksgiving weekend usually) digital cleaning efforts I always try to knock out for myself is reviewing what third-party apps I’ve given permission to my various social media network information.

Cleaning this up takes just minutes and can make a HUGE impact on not only your personal information and security, but also for your friends, family and other social media connections. (So also make sure they’re doing this frequently too and not giving away your personal info!)

I’ve often allowed access to one specific thing like mutual Facebook connections, or tried out a new app and never used it again, but with these persistent apps still having access, they can do a lot of not awesome things with your info. Especially if you granted access to one company, and then they were bought out by another, there’s all sorts of data danger, so it’s best to just go through and regularly clean them out. (And remind your friends/family to do the same, they’ll be surprised by what has access.)

It doesn’t take long at all — maybe a minute per social media account and will help secure your — and your friends and family’s data. Here’s some of the most popular social apps third party apps sections to revoke permissions:


(These links frequently change so if you’ve come to this post and they’re dead, look in the Settings of your accounts and seek out “Third Party” “Authorized External Applications” or anything related to “Apps” and “Privacy” for the ability to revoke third party permissions.)


  • Reply Theresa |

    Good call, Will! I should set myself a calendar reminder to do this. The few times I’ve looked at those lists of authorized apps, I’ve been surprised at how many there are! They really accumulate. Kinda scary.

    • Reply wills |

      Thanks, Theresa! It’s remarkable how they can creep up and accumulate, even for paranoid techie folks like me!

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