Samsung 1 TB SSD hard drive one of the — One of My Best Purchases of 2014

Samsung SSD

In 2014, after many years of delaying, I took the plunge and switched out my mechanical hard drive for an SSD and will never buy another mechanical hard drive in my life. I went for one of the big ones too — a 1 TB Samsung SSD — so that I could travel with all my files on one computer (I still do external backups occasionally). There’s even a new “Pro” version with a 10 year warranty for those of you out there concerned about the longevity of this ‘new’ (not really anymore) technology.

This is definitely one of the greatest purchases of 2014 and has extended the live of my laptop at least another two-three years before I will probably have to upgrade. By that point, I suspect all most all computers will be running SSD drives. (After doing a bunch of computer shopping this past week for an upgrade for my mom, I found many companies are already switching over and the choice seems to be have an optical drive and traditional hard drive or an SSD-driven computer.

The major benefits:

  • Speed, by far, is the biggest benefit for everything involving memory or hard drive space
  • Productivity/efficiency (because of the speed)
  • Heat/weight/cooling are all supposed to be better, but I don’t notice
  • Cost is going down (still SSDs are much more than mechanical) but price has improved hugely over the past two years

Even if your budget only allows for a small hard drive or even one of the hybrid models, I highly, highly recommend getting in on this SSD party.

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